Grégory Gosselin

Grégory Gosselin is an artisan of iron. A creator who gives an artistic expression to metal. This material does not allow itself to be manipulated easily and requires a high level of technical workmanship. In his sculptures, one can see unique creations within the piece, subtle patterns inspired by the rich artistic heritage of the Khmer culture.

Through his work, the artist succeeds in transforming this cold, hard, solid and tough material into a warm, delicate, kbach sculpture. His expertise in this medium is the result of years dedicated as a craftsman in France that allowed him to develop his own technique of coloring metal as well as the technique of the rust flowering. Rather than confusing the material with color, in his artistic procedure it is the material that becomes color.

Gregory has studied professionally in the art of metal artistry and has over 20 years experience in the craft now. He is now starting his third year living in Cambodia. Having arrived here by chance, after traveling extensively in Europe, Africa and Asia:
“I and my family wanted to settle somewhere in Asia, Cambodia seemed to be a good choice for many reasons, I do not regret it.”, he said.
He immediately was seduced by Khmer culture, for a Western artist, Cambodia is a source of inspiration at every step, every corner of street, market, temple …
He likes to create from the things that surrounding him and are part of his daily life. Therefore it is natural that he wanted to create this first series of pieces that are his own representation of the various sculptures and paintings that decorate the walls of temples and buildings in Phnom Penh by using the material that he knows best, metal, in its form that he prefers: rusted!